ABI Enduro Cartridge Bearing Kit

ABI Enduro Cartridge Bearing Kit
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For replacing Hollowtech, MegaExo and X-Type Bottom Bracket Bearings.
For Shimano Hollowtech II and Race Face X-Type Bottom brackets
TL8901 Recommended for bearing installation and removal, see also TL8902 for cup installation and removal
Comes with 2 bearings, 2 orange seals with OD 41mm and 2 blue seals with OD of 37mm
Simply use the seals which fit best with your cups
External Bearing Replacements
Bearing kits for Shimano, FSA, and Race Face outboard bottom brackets
Kits include bearings and seals to rebuild one bottom bracket
Note: all these bearing kits have larger 5/32" balls for a net load increase of over 20%
Two-lip seals minimize bearing contamination
Bearing I.D.: 24.0 mm
Bearing O.D.: 37.0 mm
Bearing Thickness: 7 mm

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