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Bontrager SSR Mountain Shoes

Bontrager SSR Mountain Shoes
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Bontrager's SSR Mountain Shoes are perfect for touring cyclists, commuters and anybody else that needs a shoe with a good balance of stiffness for pedaling efficiency and flexibility for walking. They feature rubber outsoles for great traction and SPD cleat mounts so you can clip in for indoor cycling class and jaunts across town. The street-smart, lace-up design lets them blend in while you're grabbing your morning coffee, while the single Velcro strap customizes the fit and keeps your laces out of the way. Wherever you ride, the SSRs are comfortable, stylish and durable.

The four common cleat bolt patterns.
In order to mount your pedal cleats to your shoes (cleats are included with new pedals and sold separately), the cleats and shoes must have matching bolt patterns. 

There are four cleat configurations found on cycling shoes (diagram): SPD-R, Look/SPD-SL, SPD and Speedplay. Road shoes feature one, two or even three of these. Off-road shoes usually use the SPD pattern. If you're unsure which cleats your shoes require, please ask us. We're here to help!

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Graphite / 39 SHO26970497E
Graphite / 41 SHO2623376E
Graphite / 42 SHO26999978E
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Graphite / 46 SHO26917591E
Graphite / 47 SHO26212340E
Graphite / 48 SHO2633113E