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Brompton H6 - Used

Brompton H6 - Used
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Enjoy the health benefits of cycling while saving time and money on your commute. Take your bike places without hassle, and never have to leave it locked up outside. Bromptons eliminate barriers to riding because they’re so easy to transport. A folded Brompton is about the size of a carry on suitcase—small enough to fit in cars and most airplane overhead bins, easy to take on public transit. All of this means you ride more. Biking is a great way to get to know a city, and the Brompton is hands down the easiest bike to travel with. Whether you want to do loaded touring or just have more fun on your commute, when you decide on a Brompton you gain the ultimate travel companion, one of the most compact, portable folding bikes there is.

Why Buy a Brompton?

—Folding is quick and easy: Because of its small folded size, you can take your Brompton on public transit. Seamlessly switch from bike to plane to train and back again.
—Brompton bikes go where you go: When you reach your destination, you can bring it inside. Bromptons are welcomed in most places and venues.
—They eliminate the need for costly car racks and extra travel fees: Bromptons can be transported in cars and most airplane overhead bins.
—They’re capable haulers: The optional Front Carrier Block makes carrying a snap. Ample luggage choices mean you can carry anything from a sandwich to a load of library books.
—They make great travel companions: Riding a bike is the best way to explore an unfamiliar place, and it’s easy with a Brompton. See more by combining biking with local public transit.
—Brompton’s superior fold saves you more space in your home or garage: Stow it under your bed or in a closet. Brompton is one of the most compact, portable folding bikes around.
One Brompton fits every rider in your family: Adults and children 4’6” to 6’8” can ride the bike. A kids bike shouldn’t be a disposable commodity.

This bike was traded in at Mad Dog Cycles and has been professionally inspected and serviced by our technicians. Before selling, we ensure each bike is safe, functional, and in good condition. All used bikes come with a 30-day limited warranty on the components as well as a free service within 30 days of purchase. This bike is currently on our sales floor and is subject to purchase at any time. Feel free to call with any questions or come in to take a look!

Part Numbers

B6SAJU BRO313446622D