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Bike Fitting at Mad Dog Cycles
Bicycle Fitter

Professional Fit Services

Proper bike fit can prevent pain and injury - whether you are riding around the neighborhood, going to the store, or racing across the country, you should be comfortable on your bike. If you have neck, back, or knee pain, saddle sores, or hand/foot numbness, your bicycle probably doesn't fit you properly. Good bike fit can also improve your pedaling efficiency, aerodynamics and can actually make you faster.

Fit Philosophy

We believe a good fit is more than just formulas and measurements. We address each rider on an individual basis, taking into account their anatomy, flexibility, range of motion, riding style, and goals.
Call our certified fit specialist and professional physical therapist, David, at 801-222-9577, or come in-store to schedule an appointment and address any questions or concerns.
Trek Bike

Pro Body Fitting

Our pro body fit is 1.5 hours in length and can be done on any bike. We begin with a complete interview about previous injuries and complaints, and then do a series of tests to learn about the rider's strength, range of motion, and flexibility. We then adjust the bike according to these measurements.


Aero Bike

Pro Body Fitting with Aero Bars

Looking to get into triathlons? Get your bike and aero bars fitted! Expect this fit to last around 2 hours. Starting with a body fitting and getting your road bike set up in the best possible position, we then add aero bars to the picture and combine the two together for the best of both worlds.


TT Bike

Pro Body Fitting for Triathlon – TT bike

This fitting is a two part process with the first visit crafting the best hypothesis of your ideal position. The second visit allows us to review how you are doing and what changes you may need. This fit will last approximately 2.5 hours on the first visit and approximately one hour for the follow-up visit.  


Transfer Fitting

Transfer Fitting

Did you get a new bike or have another bike? Let us help you make it as comfortable as your pro-fitted one! After your first fitting, where we decided on all the most comfortable measurements for your riding style, we can help you transfer them to your other bike or your brand new bike.