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Caring for your eBike may seem confusing at first, however, if you follow these simple "do's/dont's", you can help ensure your eBike is running safely and like new for many years to come! If you have any additional questions about your eBike's maintenance, please text us at 801-693-4378.


  • Charge your bike's battery at room temperature in a dry location where a smoke detector is installed.
  • Store your batteries in a dry location at room temperature at approx. 30%-60% charge status. 
  • Remove the battery from the bike before cleaning it with a damp cloth. Clean and lightly grease terminals.
  • Insert a fully-charged battery just before use when riding in cold weather. Consider using thermal protective covers for longer rides in colder weather (particularly below 32 °F).
  • Service your eBike just like any other bike (see our recommended service intervals here).


  • Store your battery at or above 86 °F ambient temperature.
  • Store your battery for prolonged time at a fully-charged or fully-discharged state.
  • Park your eBike in direct sunlight.
  • Leave the battery inserted in the bike while traveling in a bike rack
  • Clean your bikes components with direct water contact.
  • Attempt to modify the motor or battery system in any way.
  • Spray water directly on the LCD display, a simple wipe will do.