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The Mission of Mad Dog Cycles is to be Utah's Favorite Bike Shop!


Mad Dog Cycles Orem began life in 1989 as Swens Schwinn Cyclery as part of a 7-store chain. In 1993, the Provo, Orem, and American Fork locations were purchased by Tim Williams and the name was changed to “The Bike Peddler.”

Slowly over the next six years, Tim sold off three stores and in the Summer of 1997, Stephen Miles purchased the Orem location at which point the name was changed to Mad Dog Cycles. With a new vision, the store turned direction 180-degrees. With an increased focus on customer service, the shop garnered a reputation for having experienced and enthusiastic employees, excellent bike brands and the ability to maximize its modest resources.  Randy Gibb took over management duties early in 1998 and later accepted the challenging opportunity to purchase the store from Stephen in 2001 at the age of 21.

In 2015, the building located at 350 N Orem Boulevard was purchased and the Orem store was relocated in November into its new, permanent location.

Today, Mad Dog Cycles continues to focus on our customer service-oriented roots to better serve our local cycling community through excellent hospitality, a great staff and community-supporting efforts. 


Picture of the Owner, Randy Gibb

Randy Gibb, Owner

How long have you worked at MDC?
28 years

What is your favorite local place to ride? Why?
Big Springs in Provo Canyon because that is where I taught my son (our Service Manager) how to mountain bike.

Favorite bike? Why?
Mountain: Trek Rail. It's everything I love about mountain biking but "more". Road: Trek Domane SLR. Smoothest and most confidence inspiring road bike I've ridden

What non-bike hobby do you have?
I like anything with wheels, especially if it's fast. Aside from that the occasional board game is on my list.

Picture of Sales floor manager, Steve Prokopiw

Steve Prokopiw, Sales Floor Manager

How long have you worked at MDC?
9 years

What is your favorite local place to ride? Why?
West Mountain. I like to ride around it on my road bike and up and down it on my mountain and gravel bikes.

Favorite bike? Why?
Trek Checkpoint SL (the Swiss army knife in my stable of bikes).

What non-bike hobby do you have?

Picture of Mason Gibb, the service manager

Mason Gibb, Service Manager

How long have you worked at MDC?
7 years

What is your favorite local place to ride? Why?
The Wasatch Crest Trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon. It has beautiful scenery, fast and flowy sections, and plenty of fun tech sections.

Favorite bike? Why?
My current bike, the Trek Fuel Ex 9.8. It climbs fast, and I’ve yet to ride a trail I’ve felt like I wanted more bike on for the descents!

What non-bike hobby do you have?
I love driving and working on cars and motorcycles, especially older BMW’s.

5 star review image

"Always excellent service. Anytime I need a question answered or a hard to find part, I have relied on Mad Dog. I have no hesitation recommending them to my friends looking for a new bike or in need of repairs."

- John Jagerson

5 star review image

"Love these guys!  I’ve been using them for 15 years.  They are highly skilled, prompt, and honest.  If you want your bike to ride like new, take advantage of their service packages."

- Jeremy Wright

5 star review image

"Came and went away happy. Staff is friendly and not pushy. I wasn’t pounced on when I came in, and once I asked for help, I was attended to with knowledge and kindness."

- Sundy Anderson

Tech Certifications for Trek Fit, Sram Tech, Shimano Tech, DT Wheel builder, Olympic certified wheel/bike tech, UCI and Rockshox suspension

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