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Local Rides & Clubs

Explore Our Community By Bike

We love riding our bikes as much as you do! Check out the awesome community rides, events, and cycling clubs that we support. Learn more about the local happenings that interest you, and get involved today!

Knowing the right place to ride your bike can make ALL the difference in your cycling experience. With so many trails out there, how can you possibly determine the best ones for you? No sweat. Our team has put together a list of some of our absolute favorite places to ride our bikes. No matter your experience or skill level, you are sure to find a ride you’ll LOVE! Check out our guide and let us know if you have any recommendations you think we should add to this list!

Our Favorite Local MTB Rides:

Image of Valle Vista Trail system map

Valley Vista Trail System (Pleasant Grove)

Description: This beginner-friendly trail system is perfect for all levels of riders! Park at the Wade Springs trailhead on the Murdock Canal trail in Pleasant Grove. Head North on the Canal until you meet up with the Trailhead for the Valley Vista trail system. With so many trail options, there is a ride of any length and skill level here! A popular ride is to take Soft Rock ? Rose ? Gambel ? Cowley’s Curse (S) and then connect to Cowley’s Curse (N) to head down and meet back up with Gambel, Rose and Soft Rock to complete your ride back at the trailhead!

  • Location: 609 E 1100 N, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 - Park at the Wade Springs Trailhead along the Murdock Canal Trail and ride north on the trail until you reach the MTB trailhead (east side of the canal trail).
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Pro Tip: Plan your ride around sunset! You can get a pretty awesome vantage point of the entire valley as the sun is about to set from the top of Cowley’s Curse.

Image of bike at Big Springs Hollow in Provo Canyon

Big Springs Hollow (Provo Canyon)

Description: This beginner/intermediate ride can be done as an out and back or a loop. Park at Big Springs Park up South Fork in Provo Canyon. Head up the Big Springs Hollow Trial. You will then have a steady climb up to the Provo School District camp. As you climb, you will be treated to multiple bridge crossings and beautiful views of the backside of the Wasatch Front!

  • Location: Spring Hollow Road, Provo, UT 84604
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Pro Tip: This is one of the prettiest trails to ride in the fall when the leaves begin to change colors!

Image of American Fork Canyon

American Fork Canyon

Description: American Fork Canyon is one of our local gems. These trails are best in the fall when the dirt is firm and the traffic is light. This is also a fee area. You’ll want be prepared with your national parks pass or to pay small fee at the mouth of the canyon.

he Pine Hollow trail is a very nice, a gradual climb all the way to the Alpine Loop summit parking lot. You’ll want to connect Pine Hollow to Salamander Flat to Willow hollow. Once at the top of the loop you will cross the highway onto the Ridge (Trail #157). Fun downhill and challenging climbs will take you to the “4 way” intersection, at which point you will be in for one of the best downhill trails in the region as you ride South Fork Little Deer Creek. (Pro tip, these trails are all bi-directional. Watch for and yield to uphill traffic. These are also multi-user trails so be on the lookout for motorcycles, horses and hikers).

South Fork Little Deer Creek will begin to climb after you cross the Cascade springs highway and you’ll end up back at the Loop Summit parking lot. From here, you follow your way back down Willow Hollow ? Salamander Flat ? Pine Hollow and you’re back to the parking lot.

  • Location: Forest Trail 047, Provo, UT 84604
  • Skill Level:  Intermediate to Advanced
  • Pro Tip: It’s not a race! Make sure you stop to “smell the roses”. The views on this route are second to none with Timpanogos Mountain in full view at many points

Our Favorite Local Road Rides:

Utah Lake Trail

Description: Some days you don’t have time to do a full-blown big ride with lots of miles or vertical. But for the sake of sanity, you need to get out and get on your bike. On those days I ride the Murdock canal trail,  Provo River trail or other convenient areas near to home. The trail along Utah Lake is a scenic and relatively quiet area to ride.

There are many ways to access the trail, I usually head down to the Lindon boat ramp and ride south. Along the lake, you obviously have some views of the water, but also different flora and fauna than you see in the mountains or other areas of the valley.

  • Location: 4400 W Vineyard Rd, Vineyard, UT 84058
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Pro Tip: When you need to decompress, take a ride down by the lake, stop and enjoy the views, and just breathe.

Murdock Canal Trail

Description: It’s the Murdock Canal Trail! Any list of local great, accessible bike trails has to include the Murdock Canal Trail. 17 miles of wide, paved goodness, the Murdock Canal Trail is used for cycling, jogging, skateboard, in-line skating and pretty much anything else you can imagine. It stretches from Orem to Lehi and connects on the south side to the Provo River Trail and with the Jordan River Trail in the north if you want to create an even longer route. It also connects in Pleasant Grove with the Valley Vista Mountain Bike Trails (see above).

Open since 2013, the Murdock is great for families, with plenty of benches and bathrooms at most major intersections. Many of the intersections are underpasses, especially in the northern sections, so you don’t even have to worry about street crossings! The trail is mostly flat, with one big hill in Lehi. It is paved the entire duration.

The Murdock is my go-to for a quick before- or after-work ride. I spent many years commuting 20 miles a day on the Murdock and I still love it.

Provo River Parkway to Utah Lake/Bridal Veil Falls

Description: Looking for a nice, traffic-free place to ride your bike? Hop on Provo’s River parkway trail and head to Bridal Veil Falls up Provo Canyon or out to Utah Lake State Park! Not only will you be treated to a traffic-free and paved route, you’ll also get to see some cool sights along Provo River!

  • Location: US-189, Orem, UT 84097
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Pro Tip: This is a great ride on warmer summer days as large portions of the trail are shaded! This is also a great spot for family bike rides!

West Mountain

Description: This loop around West Mountain is one of my favorite rides. There is rarely much traffic on the wonderfully scenic west side of the mountain. Being over there is like visiting another world with the amazing views of Utah Lake and the farmland that must look like it did a century ago.

I usually do the route clockwise, but it’s equally enjoyable in either direction. Whichever direction is taken there are a couple of short climbs of less than a mile each that are sure to get the heart pumping, but not long enough to wear you out. Parking at Benjamin’s scenic city park is a great option for base camp.

  • Location: 8648 S 6200 W St, Payson, UT 84651
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Pro Tip: Treat yourself to a well deserved picnic to replenish your energy after a beautiful, farm country ride!
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Local Bike Clubs

Bike Utah image

Bike Utah

OUR MISSION: MAKING UTAH A BETTER PLACE TO RIDE. We envision a Utah where complete networks of bike lanes, paths, and trails contribute to livable, healthy communities, allowing everyone to ride regardless of age, ability, race, or income.

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Bike Orem Image

Orem Bicycle Coalition

Our goal is to cultivate a more bicycle friendly community in Orem so more residents will be able and excited to ride in our community. We meet 2nd Wednesdays of every month at 5:30 pm at Mad Dog Cycles. Come join us! 

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Bike, Walk Provo sign image

Bike Walk Provo

BikeWalk Provo advocates for street design and culture that makes it safe, convenient, and fun for all people to move around by bike or foot.

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Mad Dog Cycles Strava Club

Join our club on Strava! We offer group rides and events + prize giveaways and more on our Strava group members! No matter where you are from, make sure to join our club for free today!

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