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Dirt Bike Upgrade Guide


Green Line Engineering Ludicrous Controller Upgrade Kit

Up to 2x the stock speed and power output. Complete tunability of the bike via the app. Park, reverse, neutral, and drive modes. Powerful regenerative braking included. 

Other products highly recommended with this upgrade: 

  • GLE BMS Bypass Kit - $24.99
  • Quad Lock handlebar mount and phone case (allows easy, on-the-fly access to data and tuning for the controller kit via the app) - ~$40.00
  • Primary Belt to Chain Conversion - $115.00 + $200 labor


Warp 9 Rear Sprocket

Warp 9 makes quite a few sizes. Each size larger will increase the acceleration and hill climbing, but will detract from the top speed. As an example, a 54t sprocket will add 20% to acceleration and hill climbing, but brings the top speed down to 38 mph. Each size requires a longer chain (not included).

Chain size needed: 

  • 48 Tooth (oem size) 106 link
  • 54 Tooth 110 link
  • 58 Tooth 112 link
  • 60 Tooth 114 link

LABOR COST = $40 (Plus $40 for new chain install if needed)

Magura MT7 Pro 4-Piston Brake Set (Front or Rear)

Much more responsive and better feeling levers. Warranty support available, unlike stock brakes.

Any bicycle hydraulic brake system is compatible. However, we do not recommend putting anything less than the highest end, 4-piston brake sets on these bikes due to the increased weight and speed. Also, replacing the brakes forfeits the electronic motor cut off functionality from the brakes.

LABOR COST = $60/brake

Galfer eBike Compound Brake Pads

Long-lasting pad compound designed to handle the additional heat from the weight and speed of eBikes. 

The Shimano brake pads will fit the Surron's stock brakes and the Magura brake pads will fit our recommended brake upgrade (see above). 

LABOR COST = $20/brake

Warp 9 Brake Rotors

Larger 220mm rotor size (over 203mm stock size) provides increased braking power and heat dissipation. Floating design provides better pad contact for overall better braking performance

NOTE: The stock front wheel on the X260 / SurRon accepts a standard bicycle rotor. The stock rear wheel has a larger bolt pattern and cannot accept a standard bicycle rotor.

You'll also need the Warp 9 Caliper Adapter Spacer Kit for this upgrade. 

LABOR COST = $20/rotor



Deity Highside 80mm Riser Handlebars

Key Features: 80mm rise provides a much more comfortable, upright riding position. Allows for much more rider control of the bike. Comes in a variety of colors.


DirtyBike X-Tension Seat Riser Kit

Raises the seat height to better fit taller riders and provide a more comfortable ride.



Warp 9 Foot Pegs

Wider platform than stock pegs. These are 57mm wide by 87mm long. Permanent steel teeth for added grip. Lifetime warranty.


Domino Diamonte Grips

Raised texture vs. stock grips provides more comfort and grip. Various colors available. 



We have multiple other suspension options available. Please call or text our staff at 801-222-9577 for suspension upgrade options for your bike! 

Image Of Manitou Dorado Expert suspension fork

Manitou Dorado Expert Suspension Fork

Much better ride quality, durability, and adjustability over the stock fork. A must-do upgrade for continued off road riding. Parts, serviceability and warranty available; unlike the stock fork.

Additional Required Items:

  •  Boost Rotor Spacer - $24.95
  • Zero Stack Upper Headset Cup - $39.99


Shinko 241 Trials Tire

Popular tire for pavement use, still has some off road capability. Much thicker casing than the stock tire.


Maxxis Maxxcross MX-ST Tire

Great upgrade for off road use. Much thicker casing than the stock tire. Taller and thicker knobs for much better traction.