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Inboard Power Shift™ Battery
$99.00 $199.00 50% Savings
Inboard has designed the world’s first electric skateboard with swappable battery packs. The PowerShift battery can be swapped in seconds enabling you to extend your range. Swappable Battery Approved for air travel
Inboard M1
$599.95 $999.00 40% Savings
M1 Deck Technology Experience the most advanced e-board deck ever developed. A custom designed composite deck that combines an inverted 3D Poplar wood core with full sandwich PU sidewalls and wrapped in the same fiberglass top sheet found in premium snowboards and skis. Integrated electronics, reinforced truck mounting points, and resilient TPU nose and tail bumpers at the rails yield a remarkably light and durable platform optimized for a more responsive ride. Top Speed High speed matched with maximum stability. A top speed of 22 MPH, impressive hill-climbing power, and no jerks or wobbles. Range Eliminate range anxiety with our easy-swap PowerShift Battery, offering maximum power in a portable form. Ride 7 miles per battery (+/- 2 miles depending on rider weight and riding style). The Battery Powershift Battery The world’s first truly swappable battery for an electric skateboard. The easily accessible PowerShift Battery can be swapped in seconds. Carry an extra battery in your bag and swap it into the M1 to extend your range. Easy Swap Batteries When we say easy, we mean easy. No tools required. Simply turn a latch and click in a new battery in seconds. Safe For Air Travel Check the M1 in a travel bag, mark it as fragile, and carry-on up to three PowerShift Battery packs. Never worry about the wait for a ride at an airport again. The Inboard Vision App Stay in tune with your M1 Control every aspect of your Inboard M1 E-board. Adjust settings, view battery levels, use the Touch Throttle in place of the RFLX Remote, chat with Inboard Support, and upgrade your M1 to the latest firmware, all through an intuitive and simple user interface. Dashboard M1 Status at a Glance Check battery levels, choose your riding mode, and control the M1 head and tail lights. Throttle No Remote, No Problem Control the M1 directly from your phone with the Touch Throttle screen. Never miss a session, even if your RFLX Remote is charging. Firmware Updates M1, Future Proof Upgradable performance and efficiency with firmware updates. The M1 improves over time with updates to the Manta Drive™, the RFLX™ Remote, and PowerShift Battery, all downloaded from the Vision Mobile app. The M1 is future proof. Help Center Find Answers To Inboard Questions Direct access to the Inboard support center articles. Start off on the right foot with the M1 Video Quickstart Guide. Support Contact Inboard Support Directly Can’t find it in the Help Center? Contact us directly through the app. Features Motors Manta Drive Technology The Manta Drive™ has no gears, no belts, and no limitations. It offers smooth acceleration with little resistance to the wheel, allowing the board to glide like a traditional skateboard. Enjoy predictable acceleration while maintaining stability with intuitive and efficient regenerative braking. Dual In-Wheel Motors The Manta Drive in-wheel electric motors allow for unprecedented performance and superior style. No bulky external motors to get in the way, freeing the M1 to have a high-tech look, feel, and sound. Splash Resistant Splash resistant with an IP54 rating, damp streets are no problem for the M1. Control We designed the RFLX™ Remote to ergonomically and effortlessly stay in your hand, attach to your board, or clip to your backpack. Intuitive control over acceleration and braking without the worry of dropping the remote, allowing you to focus on the most important thing of all – enjoying the ride. Refined Over Time Upgradable performance and efficiency with firmware updates. The M1 improves over time with updates to the Manta Drive™, the RFLX™ Remote, and PowerShift Battery, all downloaded from the Vision Mobile app. The M1 is future proof. 3 Safe Riding Modes The perfect mode for the perfect ride. The Inboard M1 ships with three riding modes; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. From novice to professional athletes, the M1 delivers. Lights Integrated LED Headlights & Taillights Bright, integrated LED lights on the nose and tail of the M1 allow the rider to see and be seen by drivers and pedestrians. The LEDs can be turned on and off easily from the remote or Inboard Vision™ mobile app. Your ride doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. Specs Dimensions Length 37.5 inches 95.25 cm Width 11.25 inches 28.58 cm Height 5 inches 12.7 cm Weight 14.5 pounds 6.5 kg In The Box M1 Electric Skateboard Ready to ride RFLX Remote Comes with USB charging cable PowerShift Battery Every M1 comes with one battery PowerShift Charger Charges battery in 90 minutes Inboard Skate Tool Customize the M1 riding feel Detailed Specs Top Speed 22 mph / 35 kph Battery Range 7 miles / 11 km (+/- 2 miles / 3.2 km depending on rider style, weight, and terrain)(43.2v / 97 Wh / Lithium-ion) Board Weight 14.5 lbs / 6.57 kg Max Rider Capacity Max rider weight 250 lbs / 113.3 kg Braking System Electronic Regenerative Braking
Inboard Padded Carrying Case
$49.95 $99.95 50% Savings
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