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For XC skis
Minoura Front Fork Bridge Stand
$21.25 $84.99 75% Savings
Rollers is not an easy type of trainer for the beginners. You must maintain balance on the freely spinning roller drums. Actually, it's difficult, however, rollers can offer you a wonderful and enjoyable training experience rather than stationary trainers. Action Bridge is a helper device for the beginners to support the bike with clamping the front fork. It doesn't mean you can ride rollers alone by using Action Bridge. It requires another practice. Action Bridge is compatible with both Action Magroller & Advance and normal & wide versions. Maybe you can use it on old rollers such as Mag Roller II or TRO-2000. The quick release skewer on the fork support is floating mounted in a urethane tube in order to prevent the damage to the front fork if you accidently twist the handlebar.
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